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  • A call to all "moderate feminists"

    A call to all "moderate feminists"

    In fighting for men's rights, most campaigners have come up against resistance from feminist organisations and individual feminists. It doesn't matter if we are trying to discuss male suicide on a university campus in Canada, the prevalence of males among the homeless in Australia, pension inequalities in the United Kingdom, or trying to address domestic violence against men & boys in the United States. Opposition often comes from leading feminists, major feminist organisations and even...
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  • Genital Mutilation - an open letter to UK politicians and media

    Genital Mutilation - an open letter to UK politicians and media

    This is an open letter to all politicians in the United Kingdom, and for all media to report upon. It is unashamedly borrowing many words directly from a speech in the Scottish Parliament by Marco Biagi, Scottish National Party MSP for Edinburgh Central, on 5 February 2014. Dear representatives of men and women, boys and girls, in the United Kingdom, “Circumcision”, “growing up”, “religious rite”, “passage to adulthood” and “cleansing” are euphemisms for male genital mutilation (MGM) that are in common use, though the Equal Opportunities Committee, supporting inequalities in gender integrity, have never held a discussion on the subject. However, those are not the worst euphemisms that are heard. Some children...
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  • Minister for Men – 12 Key Priorities

    Minister for Men – 12 Key Priorities

    A Minister for Men should campaign against all forms of male discrimination.

    (1) Make Improving the educational attainment of boys a political priority.

    (2) Make the state recognize/support male domestic violence victims.

    (3) Improve care and funding for prostate/testicular cancer sufferers.

    (4) Make judges enforce child contact orders.

    (5) Support equal parenting laws.

    (6) Provide better help and retraining for unemployed men.

    (7) Force a review of the CSA maintenance criteria where the mother has left her husband for another man, re-married or has simply...
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  • The Truth about Women getting the Vote

    The Truth about Women getting the Vote

    By Darren Blacksmith & Julian
    Enter into an argument with anyone sympathetic to feminism and you’ll soon hear them fall-back onto the oldest feminist complaint in the book: the issue of women being given the vote. This is usually their refuge argument. The line-of-attack they use when all else has failed. The topic that they guarantee you will never be able to refute, and therefore will allow them to win. Not any more. For example, how long do you think it took women in Britain to get voting rights equal to men? A thousand years? Five hundred? Or maybe only 250 years? Ten. It took ten years. Does that surprise you? It did me, but it really shouldn’t do. You see, we are so spoon-fed a feminist line of thinking in the media that we are brainwashed into swallowing their lies. It’s all a distortion of the truth, which only works because most of us get all our information from television – indoctrinated by feminist propaganda – and we don’t know all the details of history. For example, consider these facts about women and the vote that you won’t have heard about on daytime TV: Women encouraged a male-bloodbath genocid...
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