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  • Another flawed study on circumcision

    Another flawed study on circumcision

    In April 2016, Queen's University in Canada published a report that the intact penis is no more sensitive than one having been (to use original World Health Organisation (WHO) terminology) genitally mutilated: 'circumcised' to those who wish to support the practice.

    The Queen's University conclusion is astonishing to me. As a man who has been circumcised as an adult, I can distinctly and clearly verify that there is a large reduction in sensual pleasure when the foreskin is removed....
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  • Male Genital Mutilation and Feminism

    Male Genital Mutilation and Feminism

    Last year, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a Circumcision Policy Statement along with a thirty‐page “technical report” on male circumcision. The statement and the electronic report was filled with outright lies and biased studies attempting to show how the benefits of male circumcision far outweigh its risks. Doctors Opposing Circumcision (D.O.C) reviewed AAP's rubbish later that year: DOC (2012) Commentary on American Academy of Pediatrics 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement. The "Task Force on Circumcision" was lead by a Dr. Susan Blank. Do you know what she spoke about...
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  • Genital Mutilation - an open letter to UK politicians and media

    Genital Mutilation - an open letter to UK politicians and media

    This is an open letter to all politicians in the United Kingdom, and for all media to report upon. It is unashamedly borrowing many words directly from a speech in the Scottish Parliament by Marco Biagi, Scottish National Party MSP for Edinburgh Central, on 5 February 2014. Dear representatives of men and women, boys and girls, in the United Kingdom, “Circumcision”, “growing up”, “religious rite”, “passage to adulthood” and “cleansing” are euphemisms for male genital mutilation (MGM) that are in common use, though the Equal Opportunities Committee, supporting inequalities in gender integrity, have never held a discussion on the subject. However, those are not the worst euphemisms that are heard. Some children...
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  • Protestors demand Oprah pull her endorsement of 'fountain of youth' face cream because it is made from baby foreskins

    We've campaigned and raised awareness on this repugnant issue for years on this forum, now the pressure is being ratcheted up on hypocritical Oprah and her immoral foreskin cream! And hats off to Glen Callender for bringing this to the attention of the media. It's bad enough that male genital mutilation is still legal in virtually every country in the world, but to then discover huge profits are being made from the mutilated foreskins of baby boys, to supply the female vanity market, is sickening. Boys, usually less than a month old, ...
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