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    Mother marries her own son

    [ame=""]YouTube - She Married Her Son... BY MISTAKE! A True Story[/ame]


    That is exactly the point of the film. Terrible what happened to a woman at a time when a community's judgment that she had sinned cause her to be shunned and to feel so bad that she separated herself from the community and eventually starve to death. A tragic story. The opposite in many ways what the state of Maine is like today. Thank you for your comment
    David Hoffman -- filmmaker

    Based on this story I don't see how she's a hero. She made a decision not to tell her family what she had done and basically didn't accept responsibility for the consequences of her actions. The older man "persuaded" the younger woman but of course no mention of her "persuading" the younger man.

    The father, son, the community, etc. all are being given blame/credit for what they did but she's a "hero" for trying to hide her child from her family but they found out anyways, didn't they?

    I mean, come on, being a woman makes you a hero/heroine?

    What if a guy did the exact same thing? Would he be a hero? PC bullshit...

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    Re: Mother marries her own son

    I thought such deals only happened in the Ozarks hahahahh to banjo accompaniment

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    Re: Mother marries her own son

    WTF? Where does it say anything about this woman being a hero? I must've saw something else back then and posted the wrong comment and reply.


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