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  • The world's oldest international forum on men's issues is back is back up and running, after too long spent in recovery. is sponsoring a petition for anyone who wants to rebel against the oppression of political correctness. The petition calls for support of a British politician who has been vilified for exposing some truths about government and judicial processes. We believe that showing support in this way will help all politicians around the world to know that they are not alone when they speak up against feminism and for equality. You can read more on this article:
    Against political correctness - approve and promote Philip Davies MP

    Our website advocates and campaigns against male hatred and might have been hacked for hosting that petition, even though the petition is on, not this site.

    Our technical experts have not completely rebuilt but we believe it is stable enough for use and ask you to tolerate any short downtimes that may be necessary over the coming week or two.

    How do you feel about a politician who blows the whistle on government lies? Do you think it is time we all supported a politician who dares to go against the flow? Are you rebel enough to put your name as a signatory in support of Philip Davies and his stance against feminist zealots?

    It doesn't matter what your overall politics are, it doesn't matter what your country is. Decide now: do you support the militant feminists that Philip Davies is opposing, or do you support equality under the law that they are mocking?

    Feminists have gone far simply because not enough of us have stood up against them. Even by staying quiet we support the feminist radicalisation of our society. Now is the time for us to stand up and let politicians know that we will support them if they will support equality rather than feminism.

    Once you have signed, urge everyone else you know to sign too. Most of your friends and neighbours are also fed up with the radicalisation of society, tired of political correctness, annoyed by lying politicans and upset by attempts to silence anyone who speaks their mind .. so give them all a chance to sign this petition.
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    I advocate for the rights of men and boys. I stand for human rights. That means I support the rights of humans regardless of their chromosones. That means I must combat feminism.

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    Great to see the fruits of a lot of hard work and hair-loss. Well done Douglas et al.
    When in need of a drink to Refresh the soul
    Drop into the Knight & Drummer Free House.
    Always leave a Comment as a tip.

    Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum
    Love the Sinner but not the Sin.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, against Powers,
    against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world, against Spiritual Wickedness in high places.“
    (and within ourselves)

    A Feminist is a human being who has lost her way and turned vicious. If you meet one on the road as you
    Go your Own Way, offer kindness but keep your sword drawn.


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      Nice to see you are back again

      Can you share any details about what happened?

      I any case, it seems that some powerful people is targeting this forum on the web.

      It would be nice to see an alternative social media account of AM perhaps on twitter of facebook to have notifications when the forum is down.


      About the Author


      Douglas When I was a teenager, growing up with an older feminist sister, I had the FEEL that somehow things weren't right with what the feminist message was. I saw the Women's Liberation Movement come and go, and that seemed to me to be about fairness and equality - things I couldn't really argue against, even if I realised the implications might not lead to what women really wanted. But the differences between what the "Women's Libbers" were saying and the messages from the feminists was stark and clear .. and worrying. As the years went by, I tried to reject my feelings about feminism and pay attention to the message feminists were putting across. The more I understood and the more I thought about what they were saying and investigated the claims they made, the more disgusted I became. Clearly it doesn't take a feminist to be a misandrist but in my perception, a disorganised misandrist is socially harmless, the same way a misogynist is. Feminism gives organisation to misandry and makes it very dangerous to society. Find out more about Douglas