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The Fiamengo Files, an excellent video series

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    Australia's problems Douglas include certain provisions of their anti discrimination legislation and their Human Rights Commission, those working in the latter running with the feminist narrative and SJW narratives which certainly appear to extend beyond their charter. These types of organizations always attract an element of rabid feminists and committed Social Justice Warriors from the legal fraternity . You will find the same in the UK and across much of western Europe right now and it will only get worse in Europe in future as new draconian legislation, treaties and conventions are drafted and implemented bit by bit. I believe the " Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence" is a good example of this encroachment of which you have highlighted very well elsewhere here. It all sounds superficially quite innocent and reasonable until you start to read the provisions many of which are quite draconian in nature to say the least. The devil is always in the detail with these conventions and that is the case there. It is hard to believe that many of the countries that have signed onto this convention really gave it any kind of thorough consideration at the highest political levels before doing so and now will be put through the ringer by the convention implementation police if they do not follow through with their obligations.

    Whilst not wanting to hijack this Fiamengo File thread, I did come across a very good 55 minute video done earlier this year by Stefan Molyneux and Janice Fiamengo. This lady is extraordinarily good (and brave in my view - because no doubt there are people who would like to destroy her for speaking out) and in this video she speaks so well completely off the cuff. No notes or script here. It is a shame there are so comparatively few men of note in academia (and elsewhere for that matter) who are willing to speak out in the manner she does.


    The large amount of cash donated so fast to pay for JF's legal counsel over the Ontario Social Justice Tribunal deliberations on the seemingly relatively small fry complaint (because the University bent over backwards to help and satisfy this person) brought by a student (now an ex student apparently) against the Universtity of Ottawa and JM is testament to how well she is regarded by those that follow her. Even though donation requests have been suspended because of the amount collected, I read a comment to Steve Brule from a guy pleading to be allowed to contribute more anyway.


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      Fiamengo File 55

      The Scandal of ‘Human Rights’ - TFF Episode 55

      Canada's Social Justice Tribunals work on the principle that you can force people to respect others by punishing them over even trivial misunderstandings or honest expressions of opinion.

      In Episode 55, professor Fiamengo analyses two typical cases adjudicated by the Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario.
      I advocate for the rights of men and boys. I stand for human rights. That means I support the rights of humans regardless of their chromosones. That means I must combat feminism.


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        Excellent comment from JM. I hope she does more of these because I am sure she is nearly alone here in speaking out. Steve Brule really does an excellent production job with this series.

        Social Justice kangaroo courts staffed by public servant zealots handing out punitive damages. I don't know what others think but I suspect there may well be a significant backlash by the community against this kind of nonsense eventually.

        The tenant case however was pretty cut and dried. The landlord should not have been so naive and with his decision and attitude as described really set himself up. As landlord myself there are many ways of dealing with potential tenants which will not get them running to the authorities because you did not give them the tenancy. They all know there will likely be numerous people wanting to rent the place once you open it for show and you can only give it to one prospect. The punishment handed down to this landlord was outrageous though.


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