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State persecution of carnell alexander

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  • State persecution of carnell alexander

    At last……..

    This is a terrible story of an innocent man who was hounded by the authorities and courts for years trying to extract money from him for child payments where the child was not his.

    Years ago when I first heard of this man’s plight I wrote to an attorney in the US who was well known for helping men with these kinds of problems . He told me at the time that the guy was at last going to be taken care of by someone else but that was years ago and the matter has only just recently been settled.

    There are quite a few older articles about this man and how he was hounded by the bureaucracy through the courts. These people are so unethical and corrupt, that they continued to pursue this man even though, as I recall it, the mother had appeared in court and told the judge years ago that this man was not the father of the child. What kind of low life public servants do this kind of thing to an innocent man. Primarily woman on a mission presumably.

    The mother had falsely declared him to be the father in official documentation many years earlier stupidly not knowing what the ramifications would be for the guy.

    It would have been very easy many years ago to run a DNA test to prove the guy was not the father when he swore to public officials and in court that he was not and settle the matter once and for all way back then even without testimony from the mother.

    Hopefully legal action will be pursued for significant damages not only against the institutions that persecuted this man for years knowing for well he was not the father but also against the individuals involved in this persecution of the man. Maybe then these people will think twice in future before acting and give proper and adequate consideration to the testimony of men.

    Had it not been for one news organization that decided to expose this case (because most would never ever bother ) the guy would probably be in jail now.

    One wonders how many other innocent guys suffer this same viscous treatment but their cases never get reported on because no one usually cares and the corrupt public officials and institutions that hound these people know it and usually get away with it.
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    More on this posted here:

    Is this a record? 26 years sorting out a known paternity fraud.
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