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Lottery home win the focus of messy divorce

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  • Lottery home win the focus of messy divorce

    the husband, Michael, bought a lottery ticket and won a fully furnished dream home.The couple tried getting back together in the new place, but that did not last more than a few months.

    "Michael testified that he was forced out of the family home without warning and in a startling fashion," Dufour wrote. According to the decision, Rhonda made a complaint to police that she had been physically assaulted. That led to charges against Michael and an interim order that he stay 200 metres away from Rhonda.
    When that case went to trial, Michael was acquitted.
    "I can only conclude that Rhonda gave a false statement to the police," Dufour said in his decision on the divorce. "This was a very effective way to have the family home all to herself: make a false allegation of assault and have Michael charged with a criminal offence so that he would have to stay away. Neat trick. A model of efficiency."
    lots more....

    Lottery dream home win the focus of messy divorce - Saskatchewan - CBC News

    Added after 5 minutes:

    I know cbc was just waitin' for me to i will oblige.

    "I can only conclude that Rhonda gave a false statement to the police,"
    Considering this is the #1 tactic of female abuse i am surprised the judge didn't fall for it.

    I betcha she wasn't charged for lieing----may stop other women from filing false accusations.

    I guess it wasn't a liberal appointed judge who bought themselves a seat on the bench.
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    Re: Lottery home win the focus of messy divorce

    Charge her with lying??

    That'll be the day.
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      Re: Lottery home win the focus of messy divorce

      This is a sure winner for messy divorce! Duh!!

      Winning a dream home in a lottery was not enough to rescue a tumultuous marriage and instead the fancy digs became the focus of a messy divorce case.
      The pussy pass was to strong in this woman's mind, must have your winnings, even if she must do every thing wrong, her agenda is to be a lazy person and go for anything she wants regardless.

      WANT is the key word and anything will do to get there.

      The judge only saw fit to rule because he knew this c?&nt would never pay a red cent to the system. The system saw this and put a red flag, TAXES, must not prevent revenue.

      When you see through it all, its a sham. We know it, others need to see it!! Here's proof.


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