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Vilification of Men & Boys by Disney

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  • Vilification of Men & Boys by Disney

    Many of us grew up with Disney films; Mary Poppins, Bambi, Snow White, The Jungle Book, The Love Bug etc., etc.,etc.,etc. All films that were the benchmark for entertainment not so many years ago. But it seems that Disney has been infiltrated by those who want to exploit that good name for propaganda purposes. I suppose that it was to be expected. So many once proud, admired and respected entities seem to have been infiltrated by 'progressives' who lack the talent, ability and persuasive powers to 'sell' their ideologies to the public, so instead they infect established organisations and exploit their goodwill. It happens with corporations, political parties, sports bodies, educational establishments, in fact any entity that has the trust and respect of the wider public is fair game for this sort of infiltration. It is so sad to see Disney seemingly going the same way.

    On Disney, Boys Get No Love
    I have only boys. We watch the Disney Channel. But they have noticed that there is no commercial for them. There is no encouragement for boys to have big goals. Boys are completely left out of the equation. There isnít even a picture of a boy in any of their videos or ads.


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