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Debates we've had with feminists

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LeighSabio Let's get this out of the way: I am not an old, rich, white man, a redneck, or a housewife. Just because I'm not a feminist doesn't make me one of those things. But it's so much easier to say what I'm not than what I am, especially because our perceptions of ourselves aren't always accurate. So I'm going to use personality test stats to give a more objective look: 5-factor: I'm low agreeableness and conscientiousness, high neuroticism and openness to experience, and medium extroversion. Meyers-Briggs: ENTP Empathizing-systemizing: Highly systemizing Bem Sex Role Inventory: 64/100 on masculinity, 48/100 on femininity, 48/100 on androgyny Find out more about LeighSabio