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Getting through divorce with man's best friend

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  • International Getting through divorce with man's best friend

    Soon after we reveal that twice as many people would prefer a pet it in the home to a feminist in the home, we can point to some advice for the newly divorced; get a pet! (Psst .. don't get a feminist.)

    Good for kids, good for adults, pets like a dog help dissipate stress, improve sociability, provide friendship and most of all a dog will give you unconditional love at your most vulnerable time.

    Sometimes, your living arrangements might be too temporary or uncertain to take on the commitment of a pet. In that case, look up to see of there is a "borrow a dog" scheme in your area, or advertise in local media to walk someone's dog each day.
    Research shows that pets provide significant physical and mental health benefits, especially after a traumatic event such as divorce.
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    I advocate for the rights of men and boys. I stand for human rights. That means I support the rights of humans regardless of their chromosones. That means I must combat feminism.

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    Excellent advice, Doug.

    It is difficult for a man who has been through divorce and lost everything. His rental position is all too often precarious and most landlords are not favourably inclined to tenants having dogs. The dog-walking role might help.
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    Douglas When I was a teenager, growing up with an older feminist sister, I had the FEEL that somehow things weren't right with what the feminist message was. I saw the Women's Liberation Movement come and go, and that seemed to me to be about fairness and equality - things I couldn't really argue against, even if I realised the implications might not lead to what women really wanted. But the differences between what the "Women's Libbers" were saying and the messages from the feminists was stark and clear .. and worrying. As the years went by, I tried to reject my feelings about feminism and pay attention to the message feminists were putting across. The more I understood and the more I thought about what they were saying and investigated the claims they made, the more disgusted I became. Clearly it doesn't take a feminist to be a misandrist but in my perception, a disorganised misandrist is socially harmless, the same way a misogynist is. Feminism gives organisation to misandry and makes it very dangerous to society. Find out more about Douglas