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    Women and Sex Tourism: Cougars Prowl for Underage Sex Partners

    Suppose you are white, rich, and looking to have sex in a third world country, and you are willing to pay or "gift" for it.

    You drain the last of your tropical drink and walk off down the beach with an attractive local. You area a "cougar" on the prowl, and the guy nuzzling against you is young enough to be your son or grandson.

    Are you committing a crime? That depends.

    Sex Tourism received a tacit endorsement from the chairman of the Kenya Tourist Board recently.

    In recent years sex tourism has been attacked by various NGO organizations and governments as exploitation and addressed as criminal activity, but this has been mainly when it has involved young women, often children, being bought and paid for by men who live in the Europe and North America and who travel to third world countries to buy sex. Often criminal action is only pursued when pressure and negative publicity outside the victim country is brought to bear.

    What if you are a white woman, between the ages of thirty-five and sixty, a so-called "cougar" and you trade "gifts" for "company"? Are you helping the local economy and maybe fulfilling wishes and desires of your own and the young man or boy that you are with? Is this so bad, where the locals are cash starved and every little bit of foreign earnings and exchange matter?

    Not in Kenya, and not in some other areas of the world. In a recent New York Post article, the chairman of the Kenya Tourist Board said that "It's not evil. But it's certainly something we frown upon."

    It's a double standard that has the more thoughtful and concerned government officials concerned. And it's a growing situation as more women in developed nations remain or become single and have ample means to support a hedonistic lifestyle once thought to be the sole province of men. Most governments will not address it on the record, and will turn a blind eye, much the same as they often do for men hunting for young sex partners in their land.
    The men's and fathers' movement needs to make sure it never sees females as the enemy,
    but only misandry--whether from females or from males.
    If not, we'll become like the bigoted feminists that this movement was formed to oppose.
    Glenn Sacks


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    Re: Women and Sex Tourism: Cougars Prowl for Underage Sex Partners

    cougers ha ha more like sidewinders

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    You figure it out!!!

    Re: Women and Sex Tourism: Cougars Prowl for Underage Sex Partners

    I say a person truly is pathetic if they have to fly have a world a way for sex! I wouldn't called that person a cougar, I'd call them a vulture.


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