People can be assholes. I have accepted this fact early in life, I have accepted that people will not understand me, or accept that Iím different than the rest of the kids in school/work/everyday life. Do I get aggravated when people pretend I donít exist? Absolutely. However, I do not believe this to be a form of oppression, I just think the person in question is a dickhead.

One of the most aggravating things in the LGBT community is the constant need to portray LGBT people as victims, this is something that feminists do. And while I can understand the frustration and hopelessness that some of us feel, I donít think itís beneficial to portray any group of people that way.

While I appreciate some feminists like Clarisse Thorn, who is one of the better feminists out there, but there are plenty of them that are like Twisty Faster are prone to hyperbole and yellow journalism.
While there are some aspects of feminism that I like, there is enough stuff in it to make me reject it as an ideology. I do not like itís constant need to demonize my sex because of a few assholes, because letís be honest here, some dudes are indeed pieces of shitÖand some women are as well.

This leads me to the MRM. I appreciate and accept that there are plenty of good examples of misandry in society. However, I have seen some bullshit spewed by some MRAs and others are prone to hyperbole as some feminists are. While I certainly believe that some men and women are capable of having shitty behavior, I do not even believe this is a majority of men or women.

As I said, people can be assholes, but I donít really think most people are assholes. Perhaps itís a product of my upbringing or my understanding of how things work, but I see no reason to accuse a majority of people of some grievious crime that they didnít commit or have any intention of doing. Why should I blame heteronormative people for my woes as a bisexual gender queer? Guess what, cupcake? I donít. There is no reason to, but Iíll note that there are assholes that are hateful towards me. You know what though? Fuck Ďem. Fuck Ďem with a huge stick.

What is the point in playing the blame game? What do you really get out of it? I donít see how blaming people gets anything accomplished. All it serves to do is take a legitimate issue and turn others into scapegoats. Are there some issues that need addressed? Absolutely, but turning these issues into a blame game does nothing to help the people affected by these issues.

It doesnít take a genius to realize that not even a majority of X demographic wants to oppress, harm, or otherwise deter you in any way, shape, or form.

That is all. In frith.