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Officer is Shocked to Learn Feminist Claims aren't Entirely Accurate Regarding Domestic Violence


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  • Christina H. Sommers shows asian women paid more than ALL creeds of men in one tweet

    At about this moment in time, we anticipate two individual responses for two kinds of individuals... The normal, rational individual and the feminist, SJW type. I'll let you figure which is which.
    26th-July-2016, 03:20 AM
  • Officer is Shocked to Learn Feminist Claims aren't Entirely Accurate Regarding Domestic Violence
    Challenging? You may indeed ask. What is challenging about a study showing that Domestic Violence is not the 95% male perpetrator issue we're told it is?

    Does it mean it challenges the general public to change their perception or could it infer that 'mainstream studies' (i.e. those typically undertaken by feminists) are having their agenda-driven love-affair with "female as victim & man as evil overlord" challenged at last?

    Read on and find out....
    Official Full-Text Publication: A Couples Analysis Of Partner Abuse With Implications for Abuse-Prevention Policy. Criminology and Public Policy, 1, 5-36 on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
    22nd-July-2016, 11:45 PM
  • feminist doctrine and advocacy in a nutshell.
    Well I always post new blogs on Antimisandry first, so I see no reason to stop just yet. I was asked elsewhere to write a brief description of each of the main doctrines of feminist belief and each major point of advocacy and then follow with my own take on each one. It is a little sad to me that this will probably be my last blog on AM.

    *Feminism is built upon a foundation of three core articles of faith. All subsequent feminist theory can trace its origins back to one or more of these three fundamental doctrines.*

    *(I) Patriarchy:*

    All feminists believe in the concept of “patriarchy.” This is basically the assertion that women have always been oppressed relative to men, and that men have always been privileged relative to women, and that societies were deliberately engineered by men to ensure this outcome. Feminists believe that we still live in a “patriarchy” albeit to a lesser extent today.

    *(II) Gender as a social construct:* All feminists believe that gender is a social construct. This is the belief that the “gender roles” which have traditionally been associated with men and women were imposed by “patriarchal” cultures, rather than influenced primarily by biological limitations and natural imperatives. It is essentially a belief that males and females are basically the same, other than the obvious physical differences which would in themselves render the theory obviously void. It is a belief that if boys and girls were not socialised to behave in different ways, then they would grow up to display the same characteristics, behaviours, motivations, and attitudes. This belief is closely tied to “patriarchy” theory, in that most feminists believe that the “socially constructed gender norms” are designed to advanta...
    5th-April-2015, 04:17 PM
  • Equality in the workplace? Okay, which one?
    Rof L Mao Esq
    Day after day, we see calls for some measure to be undertaken upon some company or industry, to institute what we are told will be gender equality in the workplace.

    One professional area where this is currently fashionable, is in the fields of high technology, and there are many others. We are assured: they won’t rest until the demands are met, until women have the numbers someone has apparently decided they must have, to satisfy whatever metrics are being used to determine this reputedly mandatory (womandatory?) outcome. This is presented as a matter of some urgency, as so great a need for gender justice that we must not shrink from it as a society.

    Okay, then.

    When they're done cracking the tech ceiling, they can move on to get equal numbers of women and men in merchant...
    25th-November-2014, 01:03 AM
  • Sexist portrayal of Spider-Woman
    I'll just leave this one here....

    5th-September-2014, 09:16 AM
  • Fashion show with woman holding man on leash
    Denise Noe
    Fashion show with woman holding man on leashBy Denise Noe

    Recently, in my capacity as Community Editor of The Caribbean Star, I reported on a fashion show. The holders of the show helpfully sent me some photographs taken at the event. Two were of women modeling clothes.

    One was of a male and a female model on the runway together. Both were very attractive and both were smiling. However, this photograph cannot be said to exemplify gender “equality.” The woman is attired in high heels, a loose-fitting skirt...
    15th-February-2014, 06:35 PM